I have worked with other executive coaches before, and my work with Ling has been the most profound and transformative by far.
— Product Manager, Facebook

Ling both encourages and challenges my life goals. He understands that professional and personal harmony is possible, but only first with considered reflection on who we are and what it takes to make us happy.
— Product Manager, Google
Ling’s sharp insight and erudition gave me the tools to reach within myself to first slow down, realign and prioritize, then grow at an accelerated rate. Through our sessions together, I’ve been able to gain clarity and perspective into my career and relationships. I highly recommend Ling’s services.
— Vice President, Silicon Valley software company
I really appreciate Ling’s help. Among the many management courses I took in my 15 years of management, Ling’s is my favorite. The best part is the executive coaching sessions between each training module.
— Engineering Manager, Apple
Ling is the most emotionally insightful person I have met in my entire life! He is excellent at focusing in on the most essential elements of any problem and coming up with creative solutions that one can implement.
— Finance Manager, Amgen

I use the skills I learned from Ling every day in my work, and it has made a tremendous difference.
— Senior Director in Engineering, Apple

Ling is gifted in identifying critical learning moments and helped me to isolate, illuminate and integrate the learning.
— Management Consultant, McKinsey & Co.
The single greatest asset Ling provided is to help me think about how to understand my emotions, connect with other people’s emotions, and use them in a way that is tremendously helpful.
— Associate, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts
Ling is one of the few people I know who have a great combination of soft people skills and expertise in a technical field. I recommend him highly especially to colleagues in technical fields who want to develop their people skills and enhance their professional and personal lives.
— Professor in Electrical Engineering, University of California
Ling is a master in exploring awareness: how to identify emotions and use them to communicate in a way that is clear and effective. He has amazing observational powers and consistently generates powerful insights to help people achieve their goals.
— Organizational Development Consultant

Ling is amazingly gifted in creating a safe and open environment that builds trust and understanding.
— President and CEO, Silicon Valley startup

Ling helps me connect emotions and body sensations. It is one of the most amazing and transforming experiences of my life.
— Strategy Consultant
Ling has an amazing ability to identify and describe emotions. I learnt a lot about how to reach out to others and understand how they are feeling.
— Advertising Executive
Ling teaches me how to be light and playful with my weaknesses, yet grow in the process. Learning the ability to feel my emotion is powerful; even more so is the ability to decide which is relevant and which is not, separating the signal from the noise. Ling possesses great technical ability of both the mind and of the soul.
— Fund Manager, Barclays
I learnt a lot from Ling. He is very attuned to both the individual and the group and knows just what to say to allow the person to go deeper. Ling has a beautiful yet powerful presence that allows others to explore, and weaves a deft way between lightness and seriousness that is Zen-like.
— Law School Professor

Ling is a person of exceptional qualities and talents.
— Director, Charles Schwab

Ling can see everything that I am and tell me things about myself that I never knew. I especially like the way Ling uses metaphors to draw out emotions and self-awareness.
— Founder, social media startup in China
The last 4 weeks with Ling is the most transforming time in my entire life!
— Engineering Manager, Silicon Valley hardware company