I provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples, offering a safe and confidential environment, collaborative and empathetic stance, and clear and direct feedback.

I specialize in working with the following issues:

  • couple counseling
  • trauma
  • job burnout
  • perfectionism
  • impostor syndrome
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • obsessive thoughts
  • compulsive behaviors
  • depression
  • feelings of isolation and stuckness

Through working together, you may experience the following changes:

  • reduced anxiety and stress
  • greater clarity of purpose and ability to focus
  • enhanced sense of balance
  • meaning and well-being
  • deeper awareness of conscious or subconscious patterns that may get in your way
  • increased resilience to handle setbacks
  • expanded capacity to regulate emotions
  • greater freedom from automatic and reactive responses
  • increased interpersonal effectiveness
  • deeper connection to yourself and others
  • increased skills of empathy and compassion
  • greater levels of trust and intimacy in relationships

My therapeutic approach synthesizes research-based best practices with psychological insight, and is significantly influenced by mindfulness, positive psychology, somatic psychology, trauma research, emotionally-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, developmental neuroscience, multicultural and systems thinking.

I see you as a whole person with your unique set of strengths, values, and resilience – and who long to become more passionate, more authentic, more alive, more aware, more effective, more content, and more connected with yourself and those you love.

My role as a psychotherapist is to support your unfolding journey towards healing and growth, by working collaboratively to identify exactly what get in your way in achieving the next level, developing strategies and practical skills to meet the challenges. The primary intention I hold in therapy is to enhance your ability to make choices and take actions that are both effective towards your goals and congruent with your deeply-held passions.

Ling both encourages and challenges my life goals. He understands that professional and personal harmony is possible, but only first with considered reflection on who we are and what it takes to make us happy.
— Product Manager, Google